HMCS SACKVILLE and the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick

HMCS SACKVILLE, Canada’s Naval Memorial, proudly carries the name of the Town of Sackville, New Brunswick.

The Flower Class corvette, built in Saint John, NB and commissioned in December 1941, is maintained and operated by the volunteer Canadian Naval Memorial Trust (CNMT). The ship and the Town have enjoyed a close association over the years. During the Second World War residents provided crew members with clothing, personal care and other items and the Town has provided support to help maintain and operate the ship for the benefit of all Canadians. For a number of years CNMT Trustees have participated in Remembrance Day ceremonies in Sackville.

The iconic SACKVILLE is the last of the 269 corvettes built by the Allies during the war. SACKVILLE and her sister ships played a pivotal role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Town of Sackville celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2012. The Town was named in honour of Lord George Sackville (1716-1785), soldier (Seven Years War) and politician (Secretary of State for America during American War of Independence).


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AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017