“We have just had a sophisticated 3-D video done of  HMCS  Sackville’s upper deck areas and internal compartments, through which you will be able to tour the ship and pan around to focus on items of interest to you; we also intend to add a sound track.

This will take a little time to complete, but watch this space in the coming months for the posting of this impressive new feature.

In the mean time please look at ……
The Way of a Ship – HMCS Sackville K181. Trustee Bert Walker looks at the ship you can visit alongside in Halifax, N.S. Canada during the summer months. It is a great overview of the ship, her crew and the tough life they endured.



Photo Gallery
hmcs-sackville-joe-rolland-in-middle hmcs-sackville-joe-rolland joe-rolland-date-unknown survivor-from-ss-belgian-soldier
AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017