Crowsnest can now be accessed from here!

The current Crowsnest and the archives of the past six years are available on the RCN web site at:

It is a quarterly publication from Royal Canadian Navy Public Affairs in NDHQ, and is published online in a bilingual format.

Crowsnest archives

If you want to go back and re-live the past then all copies of the pre-Unification RCN magazine Crowsnest are available


This is an excellent archive reflecting the RCN in those formative years following World War II, the build-up of the RCN in response to the Korean War and the Cold War, and the modernization of naval training.


Photo Gallery
hmcs-sackville-laviolette joe-rolland-on-hmcs-sackville-tied-up-along-hmcs-wetaskiwin lifeboat-drill-on-hmcs-sackville-1942 6-naval-officer-training-at-royal-roads-in-victoria-bc-1941
AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017