Rick Mercer Rant – Thank you Rick

Our veterans went through hell and back so we can enjoy the liberties we have today. It is shocking that this would be happening to our vets as they deserve nothing short of our upmost respect and appreciation.

A Vignette from our youth for “Remembrance Day” featuring Angus McDonald at the end!

“Respect for Corvette: Nation’s naval memorial needs permanent home” by Maj(Ret”d) Tim Dunne

Published in the Halifax Chronicle Herald, Saturday the 3rd of November

Write to the Troops
Here is a website to help you boost the morale of our troops overseas.



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hmcs-sackville-1942-after-chasing-sub-joe-rolland-ranson-mccoon hmcs-sackville-1942-joe-rolland-and-unknown-rating-londonderry-ireland hmcs-sackville-christmas-card rex-doug-terry-stan-cooper-in-truro-ns
AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017