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Canadian Forces
The Home Page of the Canadian Forces.

Royal Canadian Navy
Visit this site to find out all about the Royal Canadian Navy.

US Coast Guard
The US Coast Guard official site.

Canadian Coast Guard
Here is our own Coast Guard site.

Naval Reserve
Find out about our part-time sailors. They do a great job with little credit.


Veterans Affairs Canada
There is a wealth of knowledge for everyone, especially veterans.

Directorate of History
Some of our best authors of WWII books work for the Directorate of History.


Australian Naval Warfare Officers Association
An excellent link for all Naval warfare officers and interested civilians.

The Royal Canadian Naval Association
This is the website of the Association.

The Naval Officer’s Association of British Columbia
The Naval Officers’ Association of British Columbia (NOABC) was founded in 1919 at the end of WWI by returning Naval Officers to maintain the friendships that had been formed during the war and to promote a strong and modern Naval Service.

Navy League of Canada
Find out about this great community-led, volunteer-based organization, perhaps you could join?

Naval  Association of Canada
The Naval Officers’ Association of Canada was established in 1945 by former regular and reserve force officers with the goal of providing a forum in which they could maintain their interest in and support for the naval service of Canada. Join up, there’s no Middle Watch!

Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia
RUSI, incorporated in 1928, serves as a discussion and education forum on Canadian defence and security issues. The 200 members of the Institute, including serving and retired officers and members of the Canadian Forces, RCMP, other security agencies, business, industry, community leaders and other interested individuals carry out a number of activities. Visit the site for details.

HMCS Venture
This web site is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of HMCS Venture and the hundreds of young officers who trained there.

The Crow’s Nest Officer’s Club, St. John’s NL
Visit the historic Crow’s Nest, the officer’s club for the Corvettes serving on WWII North Atlantic convoy escort duties.

The Loch Class Frigates Association  The ‘Association’ started about 1993/94 as the HMS Loch Quoich Association, but after about four years, it was decided that the we should accept members from other Loch Class ships into membership.

The Ancient Order of the Pterodactyl (US Coast Guard Aviation)
An interesting and fun site about USCG aviation.

US Naval Armed Guard
We exchanged websites with this US group, a great site about some little known sailors who supported the war effort.

Royal Military Club, RMC Club Nova Scotia
The objects of the RMC Club are: “the bringing together of its members for mutual benefit and support; the encouragement and maintenance of that camaraderie which has always existed at the Canadian Military Colleges; and the advancement and welfare of its members, the cadets and the Canadian Military Colleges generally.”

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Historical Ships

HMCS Alberni/U480

This site honours both the Ship and the enemy.

HMCS Haida
This is an excellent site honouring another war veteran.

HMCS Ojibwa

HMCS Haida – Parks Canada

The official website for Haida, very impressive watch the video!

HMCS Trentonian
This site provides an excellent history of another corvette.

Historical Naval Ships Association
Sackville and Haida, among others are featured in this American site.

US Navy and Coast Guard Corvettes
This is an interesting site. Who knew the US had corvettes?

Flower Class Corvette
This site contains a wealth of information about Flower Class Corvettes. HMCS Sackville is discussed, of course.

Canadian Coastal Forces Trust
Go to this link to learn about a group of individuals who are seeking to preserve the last Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat from World War II. She is MTB 486, the command of the Senior Officer of the 29th (Canadian) MTB Flotilla, LCdr C. Tony Law

Project Liberty Ship
Project Liberty Ship owns and operates one of only two surviving, operational World War II Liberty ships, SS JOHN W BROWN. While it is unlikely that the BROWN was in Halifax during the war, hundreds of her sister Liberty ships found themselves in Halifax, often more than once, as Atlantic convoys were formed or returned.  SS JOHN W BROWN visited Halifax in 1994 after her restoration.
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Naval and Military History

The Nauticapedia Project

The Nauticapedia Project is a group of volunteers dedicated to telling the stories of the maritime heritage of British Columbia, western and northern Canada, and Canada’s Naval Forces. Of particular interest to members of Canada’s Naval Memorial Trust is the searchable database of 28,000 biographies of naval personnel who served in or with the Canadian Navy, served in Canada, or were born in Canada. The website also contains more than 200 articles related to nautical heritage as well as fleet lists and nominal lists of personnel of Canadian naval units.
You will find all the German U-boats of both World Wars, their commanding officers and operations including all Allied ships attacked, technological information. Browse the large photo gallery and thousands of U-boat books and movies. A section covers the Allied forces their struggle with the U-boat threat, the Pacific war, all the Allied Warships, and Allied Commanding officers from all the major navies.

Pat Burstall’s Canadian Navy Prints
We have some of these Limited Edition prints in our Gift Shop, only fifty dollars! A great way to support Sackville.

WW2 – A perspective from Northern Ireland
The ultimate website about the Second World War in Northern Ireland. All Services from All Nationalities throughout All of Northern Ireland can be found on this Website. Service Personnel from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and later the United States all joined those from the rest of the United Kingdom who were stationed in Northern Ireland during the Second World War.


Naval History
A British site, always with something new.

Ocean Waves
Ocean Waves is an Internet based independent body dedicated to promoting the historical aspects of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth Navies. There’s an interesting discussion of the RCN.

A webpage with many great sites – Including HMCS Sackville.

WWII and Military Nostalgia Site
This is the Hillman’s personal website, well worth visiting.

The National Museum of the Royal Navy  –
follow a North Atlantic Convoy bound from the USA to the UK as it happened
Follow @OTDIHNaval on Twitter
for real-time updates

RCN Orders and Awards
The majority of the site relates to the Honours and Awards of World War Two with some details on World War One, Korea, the post-war era and Canadians in the Royal Navy prior to World War One. Awards and Citations to the Merchant Navy are also included.

Canadian Battlefields
This is a great site, commemorating Canada’s great contributions to past battles.

Canadian Military History Gateway
This excellent site is very useful for the casual browser or a serious researcher. You should set an alarm so you can come out for dinner.

Canadian Navy of Yesterday and Today
Another excellent examination of our Navy’s origins and current state.

is one of the web’s finest sites dedicated to ships and navies. It offers a wide array of resources related to naval history, current naval affairs, shipbuilding, maritime history, and naval and maritime photography.

Convoy PQ17
This is the wartime Diary of Jack Bowman. More specifically the diary he kept whilst taking part in one of the most infamous convoys of World War Two – the arctic convoy, Convoy PQ17. This diary details the thoughts and experiences of a seaman aboard one of the Convoy PQ17 escorts, the Flower Class corvette, HMS La Malouine.

The Memory Project
The Memory Project is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating an unprecedented archive of Canada’s participation in the Second World War and the Korean War.  The largest oral history archive in Canada, the Memory Project has collected more than 2000 veteran stories and included them in our digital archive.

Leith Shipyards, Scotland
Few warships epitomize the Atlantic war more than the lowly Flower-class corvette. An auxiliary vessel hastily built to mercantile standards and pushed into service by the score, with poor equipment and green crews, the corvette was hardly a match for Germany’s U-boat fleet. Nor did it inspire the imagination—except perhaps in perverse ways—of those who served in them.

For Posteritys Sake

CNTHA    Canadian Naval Technical History Association
The Canadian Naval Technical History Association is a voluntary organization working in support of DND’s Directorate of History and Heritage to capture and preserve our country’s naval technical history. Major activities are collection of oral and written histories, solicitation of relevant documents (papers, written articles, pamphlets, etc.) and investigations by technical discipline working groups.
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Publications and Videos

The Canadian Naval Review is  Canada’s pre-eminent maritime security and defence journal published four times per year to a worldwide readership. It offers individual subscriptions – hard copy and electronic – as well as corporate bulk subscriptions that can be delivered, with your compliments, to key policy influencers and practitioners. Or become a sponsor and enjoy additional recognition within the journal and on our website. To learn more please contact, or call us at (902) 494-3769, or visit us online at

Videos on Corvettes

National Film Board Films About Canadian Corvettes in WWII

 Atlantic Patrol              Stuart Legg, 1940, 9 min 49 s

This short documentary about the Canadian seamen who manned Canada’s eastern ports during WWII is the first film in the Canada Carries On series. The film depicts the work of the Royal Canadian marines who accompanied convoys of military supplies to the Allied Forces and those who remained on the eastern coast to defend against the Germans.

Atlantic Crossroads    Tom Daly, 1945, 8 min 50 s

This short documentary focuses on Newfoundland’s role in WWII. Due to its geographical position, Newfoundland became a central point of activity during the war, housing military air bases and becoming the link between the Allied forces and Europe. In stark contrast with the Depression in the 1930s, this film highlights Newfoundland’s opportunities for economic growth during, and after, the war. Part of the Canada Carries On series.

Action Stations               Joris Ivens, 1943, 44 min 25 s

This World War II film highlights the role of Canadian corvettes on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. Battle scenes show a crew sighting a German submarine and sinking it. Other scenes show training on the high seas.

Corvette Port Arthur     Joris Ivens, 1943, 21 min 35 s

This short documentary examines the role of convoy ships during World War II, focusing on the Corvette Port Arthur. The corvette, a highly mobile weapon of destruction, is used to combat German U-boats and escort convoys through the Atlantic Ocean. Following the corvette through an encounter with an enemy submarine, the film offers a glimpse into a day in the life of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Proudly She Marches     Jane Marsh, 1943, 18 min

This film from the Second World War is a report on how Canadian women were trained to handle many kinds of work in the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service. Basic training, everyday life in the forces and the contribution of women to Canada’s fighting strength are illustrated.

 An Enduring Tradition     Kirk Jones, 1960, 60 min

A documentary about the history of the Royal Canadian Navy in war and peace. Action footage, captured German film and archival material from Canadian and British sources make this a colourful, authentic record of a half-century of growth and expansion.

 Books on Corvettes

Easton, Alan, 50 North:An Atlantic Battleground. (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1963)

Graves, Donald E., In Peril on the Sea: the Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle of the Atlantic (Halifax: The Canadian Naval memorial Trust, 2003)

Johnston, Mac, Corvettes Canada: Convoy Veterans of WWII Tell Their True Stories. (Mississauga, Ont.: J. Wiley & Sons Canada, 2008)

Lamb, James, The Corvette Navy: True Stories from Canada’s Atlantic War. (Toronto: MacMillan of Canada, 1977)

Lamb, James, On the Triangle Run. (Toronto: MacMillan of Canada, 1986)

Lynch, Thomas G., Canada’s flowers: History of the Corvettes of Canada. (Halifax: Nimbus, 1981)

MacKay, John and John Harland, The Flower Class Corvette Agassiz, St Catherines Ontario, 1993

Macpherson, Ken and Milner, Marc Flower Class Corvettes of Canada St Catherines, Ontario, 1993

Milner, Marc, HMCS Sackville 1941-1985. (Halifax: The Canadian Naval memorial Trust, 1998)

Milner, Marc, Canada’s Navy: The First Century,  Second Edition. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010)

Milner, Marc The North Atlantic Run: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys Toronto, 1995

Monsarrat, Nicholas, Three Corvettes (1945)

Monsarrat, Nicholas, The Cruel Sea (1953)

Romkey, Bill, Ed., St. John’s and the Battle of the Atlantic. (St. John’s: Flanker Press Ltd. ., 2009)
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This is the website of Thomas Ross Spowart, a former sailor and current drummer boy who began this site to hook up with his old wingers (friends) and it has become this magnificent site, well worth reviewing.

Canadian Naval Review
The Canadian Naval Review is published quarterly by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University. It is a professional journal examining a wide range of naval issues from a Canadian perspective with particular emphasis on the strategic concepts, policies, procurement programs and operations of the Canadian Navy.

Navy Books
Here is a new link to a UK bookseller based in Cornwall, England. They are specialist publishers of books on the Royal Navy and also stock naval books and DVDs from other publishers. They provide a worldwide mail order service. They also publish a full colour bi-monthly magazine WARSHIP WORLD.
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The Battle of the Atlantic Museum.
This is a remarkable museum with many unique exhibits of U-boat memorabilia. It is worth serious consideration as a destination for visitors to Vancouver Island.

Canadian Museum of Civilization
There are excellent links here, check out the Military History link.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
It tells the story of Halifax, which was founded as a British Naval Base in 1749, and the western terminus of convoys supplying the Allies during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Canadian War Museum
Visit the incomparable Canadian War Museum.

The Military Museums of Calgary
Many interesting naval artifacts including such naval aircraft as the Sea Fury which flew from HMCS Magnificent

The Naval Museum of Manitoba
Another Naval Museum from the prairies!

The Naval Museum of Quebec
This is a well designed site, with much to discover.

Maritime Command Museum
The Museum of the Canadian Navy’s Maritime Command. A MUST visit when you come to Halifax. An historic house dating from 1818 built as an offial residence for the British admiral during the 1800s.

Shearwater Aviation Museum
Visit this site to learn about the fabulous Shearwater Aviation Museum (SAM).

Royal Museum Greenwich UK
This British site is described as: “A premier portal of high quality maritime resources on the internet”. The world’s largest maritime museum, filled with inspirational stories of discovery and adventure at sea. This is a fascinating site where it is easy to get lost.

Juno Beach Centre
Visit this amazing site, dedicated to our fighting men.

Naval and Maritime Museums List International
This is a great ‘catalogue’ of museums and websites.

War Monuments in Canada
This site lists all the war monuments in Canada by province. visit Nova Scotia and see the new memorial for the Merchant Navy. You will also find a description of the Halifax Sailors’ Memorial.
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Royal Canadian Navy

Welcome to the Royal Canadian Navy’s Official Website

Irving Shipbuilding – Facilities – Halifax Shipyard
Halifax Shipyard provides a complete range of services for new-build up to 115m and ship repair for vessels up to Panamax size.

Cisco Systems Canada
Tomorrow starts here. Today more than 99% of our world is still not connected to the internet. But we’re working on it

Cobham Tracking and Locating Inc.

Lockheed Martin Canada
One of the world’s largest defence contractors. Lockheed-Martin  is developing and installing the new combat systems in Canada’s Patrol Frigates

Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Limited
LIFE™ – Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering Limited Located in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada has provided products and services to the marine industry since 1891.

Changing how investors connect with information. We create compelling content, captivating visuals, and viral media that can accelerate your investor outreach.

The single malt original navy rum produced in the British Virgin Islands. No rum is more akin to the sea and the sailor than Pusser’s Rum, the Original Navy Rum.
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Regional Visitor Links

Things to do and see in Halifax

Destination Halifax

Atlantic Film Festival

City of Halifax
Check out what Halifax has to offer.

Halifax Airport Hotels
Halifax International Airport serves the Halifax Regional Municipality and most of the neighbouring areas. With several hotels, attractions, and dining options in the area, Halifax is the perfect host. A  good resource site for visitors planning to travel in the area

Halifax Burns Club
True to Scottish tradition these members are not only supporters of Robbie himself and the ‘Wee Dram”  but they are a supporter of the Sackville Trust by holding meetings onboard.  Other local organisations are encouraged to do the same.
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Photo Gallery
burying-mascot-dog-at-sea-signalman-hooper-on-left-hmcs-sackville-1942 hmcs-sackville-1942-l-r-donnolly-saunderson-joe-rolland hmcs-sackville-chief-petty-officer-work-party 4-lieutenant-rex-h-cooper-1942
AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017