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……..You can be worth TEN Pressed Men or Women!

If you have an interest in naval heritage and would like to help preserve and increase public awareness of HMCS SACKVILLE, there are a number of volunteer opportunities including:

1. In Memoriam card writer and Sackville Memorial Book updater – (can be done from anywhere in Canada)

2. Photo research – (can be done from anywhere in Canada)

3. Historical Research – particularly if located in the Ottawa area and interested in research at Library and Archives Canada, and DND Directorate of History and Heritage

4. On-Board Dinners, weddings, receptions and meeting organizer

5. Information Technology Assistant – setting-up IT for meetings, Video- and teleconferencing, etc

6. Art Show organizer

7. Layout artist for Action Stations and other projects (can be done from anywhere in Canada)

8. Ship’s Tour Guide for visiting cruise ships or other groups (primarily Summer and early Fall)

9. Interpretation and skits (under development)

10. Event Support: Battle of the Atlantic Concert, BoA Commemoration,etc

11. Officer of the Day (Summer)

12. Public Affairs

13. Protocol and Ceremonial (can be done from anywhere in Canada)

14. Interpretation and artifact assistant – for details go to: http://canadasnavalmemorial.ca/projects-programs/on-board/ where there is a full description about the job and training for it. A great opportunity.

15. Calendar project support

As noted above, some of these support roles could be performed from a distance, via email and Internet. If Trustees know of someone else – family, friends, etc – who might help in one of these positions, please pass on the word.
This is a great way to learn and meet people while contributing to a very important project.

Please contact: CNMT Executive Director Doug Thomas, execdir@canadasnavalmemorial.ca, tel: 902-721-1206 (between 0700 – 1200 daily)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Not a Trustee? Well please consider joining us:
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These will be announced as and when they arise.

Photo Gallery
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AGM for Canadian Naval Memorial Trust June 28th 2017