HMCS Sackville is Canada’s oldest warship. This Naval Memorial and National Historic Site was a combat veteran of the Second World War. She is the last of Canada’s 123 corvettes, one of many convoy escort vessels built in Canada and the United Kingdom during the war. She played a pivotal role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic and holds a special place in Canadian naval history and heritage.

Sackville has been restored to her war configuration and is home to exhibits and artefacts dedicated to the legacy of those who served at sea during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Step on board to experience the daily routine and challenge of young sailors from across the country who braved the stormy and unforgiving North Atlantic and the perilous Battle of the Atlantic.

Steve Chard and the Great Loop

Steve Chard is completing his “Great Loop” Kayaking trek on August 16 at NOON. The “Great Loop” is a 10,000 km journey  to raise awareness and funds to support HMCS Sackville and several other charities. Please join us on the waterfront as HMCS Sackville celebrates his return with a Welcoming Home Ceremony.

Check out his trip on the following link:

and his send-off from HMCS Sackville in June 2018 at:

Wendall Brown


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