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HMCS Sackville Modelers Photos

During HMCS Sackville refit, 2020/2021, the refit progress was captured in pictures.  These pictures were posted to our HMCS Sackville website under

“The Ship – CO/Refit Reports”.  This generated much interest within the Ship Modeler Associations which resulted in a request to display pictures for reference.  Our ship’s photographer, Sandy McClearn, took a series of pictures and our Ship’s Modeler, Stephen Vallis, vetted these pictures to what was considered relevant to the ship’s modeler audience.

We hope these pictures will be of use to your passion as a ship’s model builder.

We have moved to a secure location within the dockyard due to hurricane Fiona.

Our plan is to be back at our Sackville Landing Berth on Tuesday, Sept 27th.

We will be moving back to the dockyard for the winter On October 11, 2022.