“In Peril on the Sea” is a publication intended for a general audience, commissioned by and published for the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust. It contains a brief overview of the Royal Canadian Navy’s beginnings because one cannot fully understand the Canadian role and contribution to the longest and perhaps most cruel operation of the Second World War without first understanding the early struggles to establish and maintain a Canadian Navy on the eve of war in 1939. The book contains approximately 65 personal accounts from men, women, sailors and merchant seamen. Their poignant, first-hand human stories amplify each chapter. There are also nearly 200 photographs, paintings, drawings and maps that illustrate both the history of the Canadian Navy and the war at sea in the Atlantic.

It was published in hard- and soft-covered editions, and also serialized in Action Stations!, the Trust magazine. It’s retained here on the Trust website for our membership and for all those who are interested in Canada’s naval history.

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