Ship's Location

HMCS Sackville is berthed in the Naval Dockyard from November to mid-June each year. She is moved from the Dockyard to Sackville Landing, near the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, from late June to late October each year.


Operating Hours

HMCS Sackville has undergone an extensive refit in the Naval Dockyard. She is open for tours, alongside her Sackville Landing berth on the Halifax waterfront. Hours – 10am – 4:45pm; 7 days per week.


By Donation Only

General Information



HMCS Sackville is made up of a multi-level platform connected by ladders.  Visitors with mobility issues may find exploring the ship challenging. If you need assistance coming onboard or climbing ladders, we’d be pleased to help.


The nearest public restroom to HMCS Sackville is located nearby in the Nova Scotia Tourism building. Other restrooms are located in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

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